The best Sky TV deals, packages and deals from Sky Q November 2021

There’s no better time of year to snuggle up in front of the TV when the weather gets gloomy. While Sky TV can prove to be an expensive option. Luckily, we have plenty of Sky TV deals to make engagement a little more affordable and let you enjoy plenty of live shows, movies, and sports.

With more Premier League matches for the 2021/22 season, festive movie releases that will get you in the Christmas spirit. Sky TV will cater to the whole household and save you a bob or two in the process on its premium packages.

Leading the way is Sky TV’s most affordable package, bringing your Sky TV package and your Netflix subscription together under one roof. Sky Sports packages have also dropped in price, offering everything from T20 cricket to NFL games.

Read on as we list the best Sky TV deals and packages for new customers, as well as Sky TV upgrades for those who already have Sky.

Sky TV offers: what is the cheapest Sky TV package?

While the definition of ‘cheap’ may be subjective in terms of the value for the money you spend, when it comes to Sky TV and its most affordable package, it makes sense that you could grab your Sky TV and Netflix subscription. in one.

From there, you can build it by selecting add-ons to your plan, or just enjoy the fantastic selection of content that comes with it, with over 100 channels and 500 boxes ready to watch.

Today’s best Sky TV deals and packages

Latest Sky TV bundles

If you’re browsing TV-only deals that include great entertainment on the box, we’ve got the best of the lot for Sky TV deals. Whether it’s combining your Sky TV with other add-ons to create a great value Sky TV package, getting a lower overall cost, or making sure you don’t miss the next game when your team plays. with Sky Sports, these are certainly the best Sky TVs. offers to watch out for right now.

Sky TV and broadband offers

Want to pay the TV and broadband bill all at once? Sky has you covered with their great Sky TV and Broadband packages. Enjoy blazing speeds and, if you’re not happy, get your money’s back with Sky’s Speed ​​Guarantee. Choose between its Essential, Superfast and Ultrafast broadband plans, and browse, stream and play your way.

Want a little more choice? We have a page dedicated to best Sky broadband deals, where you will find Sky’s current internet packages in their entirety.

Sky TV offers: all Sky TV package prices

Want to spice up your Sky TV subscription? Well, there are plenty of add-ons out there, whether you’re looking for some extra content to stuff you up or want to change the way you watch and how you watch it.

It should also be borne in mind, just like the ever-evolving Sky TV offerings, add-ons also have their own price reductions, which means you can enjoy Sky Sports or the Kids package at a reduced rate. for the next 18 months. So keep your eyes peeled below and mix and match to keep everyone under your roof happy.

What to watch on Sky TV this month

From spooky to cheerful, things are about to get a lot more festive and healthy when it comes to movies on Sky this November. From A Boy Called Christmas, adapted from Matt Haig’s bestselling book that hits Sky Cinema on November 26, to the military wives November 19, in which women whose partners fight in Afghanistan come together to form a choir. Then, earlier this month, there’s the Bridgerton star, Phoebe Dynevor’s foray into the world of cinema with her portrayal of acclaimed ceramicist Clarice Cliff in The Color Room on 12 november. First of all, however, you will finally be able to stream Mortal combat, arriving November 5 on Sky Cinema.

Ready to watch now? Start creating your Sky TV package here

Sky TV offers faq

Why should I become a Sky TV customer?

Offering front row seats for some of the most anticipated releases, Sky TV really has it all when it comes to content with amazing TV shows and movies, plus coverage of some of the biggest sporting events each. year.

Of course, in addition to Sky TV, you can also get great, fast broadband offers under the same umbrella, plus calls to landlines in one simple, concise package.

While it can get expensive, Sky TV always gives new customers the best Sky TV deals with new packages and deals every month to lure you into its ever-expanding library.

What is Sky Q?

Sky Q is the way Sky TV adapts to the way people now watch television, with less listening to live broadcasts, switching to video-on-demand and streaming services instead. By bringing you a modern interface where you can find all the content you want to watch in one place, including each individual service you subscribe to as well as Sky TV itself, Sky Q integrates both Netflix and Spotify on an easy-to-use ecosystem.

Best of all, Sky Q lets you access content on all devices, not just your TV. Download the app and log in on your smartphone or tablet, as well as on the desktop, which means you can watch just about anywhere, and is part of any new Sky TV package purchased.

Are Sky TV offers available to existing customers?

Sky TV offers available offline are exclusive to new customers (or anyone who may have left Sky and decide to come back to them to start over). However, existing customers can find upgrade offers when they log into their account. Also, if you’re really not happy with the price you pay, it’s always worth calling their customer service line and seeing if they can match any of their current offers that you have. an eye. If all else fails, we know Sky will move if you threaten to leave …

What are Sky TV packages?

When it comes to Sky TV, there are a lot of options and prices to choose from. A Sky package allows you to get more for your money with the option of creating your own package or choosing one of Sky’s pre-curated TV deals.

And that’s not all. Sky plans aren’t just about television in the spotlight. Sky TV packages can also integrate broadband, ensuring both a great price and ensuring that your internet connection is just as fabulous as the series and movies you watch.

What happened to Sky One?

As of September 1, Sky One was removed from Sky TV’s lineup and replaced by the new flagship channel Sky Showcase. This replaces Sky One’s linear television offering as can be found on channel 106 of the electronic program guide. The clue is in the name, Sky Showcase will bring together the best of Sky’s list of entertaining titles.

Sky Max was also launched at the same time, offering both linear and on-demand service, and will be home to Sky’s best-selling content.

All the latest Sky TV offers

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