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Niall Morgan and Marie Kinsella say there is merit in hosting GAA championship games on Friday night, conditions permitting: “Not much actually happens on a Friday night in terms of sport. It could really open up an audience. ”

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Could the GAA continue the lighted Friday night inter-country games?

If a restructuring of the championship were to occur at this month’s special convention, it could be an opportunity to introduce Friday night games according to GPA figures.

Largely written off due to players’ work or study commitments as well as travel time, Friday nights have largely been an unused window by GAA for cross-country action.

However, since the association would host more league matches, if “Proposition B” was successful on October 23, there could be an opportunity for the association.

The 2013 qualification between Carlow and Laois took place on a Friday evening

The 2013 qualification between Carlow and Laois took place on a Friday evening

“I would say the biggest part would be that it’s a game like Tyrone-Armagh, or Tyrone-Derry from Ulster’s point of view. In the south there would be different permutations. I think that would be a huge one. topic of discussion because there isn’t much actually going on a Friday night in terms of sport. It could really open up an audience, “said Tyrone goalie and GPA National Executive Niall Morgan.

“Like the Premiership in England, you could come up with a Friday night football theme. Players should be interviewed as it should suit them and their working hours, but if it was released early enough and the players knew that it was going to happen, [it could work].

“Tyrone went to every Friday night [club] championship games this year. Some players liked it and some didn’t, so it should be looked at carefully. For example, if there was no one involved in Division 1 near Tyrone, that would mean we weren’t going to be involved and so it’s not for us to talk about. “

It could really open up an audience.

Morgan thinks there is an opportunity

GPA co-chair Marie Kinsella agreed, noting how successful it has been in women’s football.

“I think we also saw the amount of coverage the ladies’ game received due to the lack of competition and the LGFA came out quite strategically and said we were only going to get there if it there were two neighboring counties, ”she said.

“I think something like that makes logistically good sense for a Friday night game.

“It has done a tremendous amount for the development of the women’s game this year and I expect these Friday night games to continue, but again there are pros and cons and members should have an opinion there. above, yes or no. We have to get back to our members on this. “

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