The internet laughs at the similarities between Starfield and No Man’s Sky

It’s been almost a week since we got our first look at Starfield, Bethesda’s epic space RPG. It’s a title that would have topped my list of the 22 most anticipated Xbox games of 2022 if it hadn’t been delayed. Starfield will be an Xbox console exclusive, also launching on PC in the first half of 2023. As the title has been an Xbox proprietary game since Microsoft acquired Bethesda, Starfield will also launch on Game Pass on day one.

To close out the show at the Xbox Bethesda Game Showcase on June 12, Starfield got a fifteen-minute gameplay reveal. With over 1000 planets, many of which are procedurally generated, the game has drawn comparisons to No Man’s Sky. This has led to numerous tweets, memes and graphics to poke fun at the subject.

There were even sightings of Sean Murray!

Could this be the next big social media trend:

PC Gamer also got in on the action.

No Man’s Sky wasn’t the only game to draw comparisons to Starfield.

Despite the jokes, the framerate and graphics quality of the gameplay demo was a very hot topic on the internet.

Specifically, the scenes showing close-ups of NPCs drew a lot of criticism.

From the interview during the Xbox Bethesda Showcase Extended on June 14, we learned that there will be no seamless travel when landing and taking off from planets. This caused quite a stir online.

Even an indie game developer had fun.

And if that wasn’t enough for the Xbox subsidiary, fans compared Starfield to older games.

People were even talking about the trees

New York’s Hot 97 radio station’s HipHopGamer had some thoughts on this.

And after a shaky launch for Fallout 76 in 2018, some fans are worried.

But some might at least look at the lighter side of it all.

And other game journalists got in on the action.

There was also a lot of love for Starfield.

Digital Foundry called it a “next generation show”.

In the end, we have to remember that we just got our first look at Starfield. The game won’t be released until the first half of 2023, so follow the advice in this tweet.

The truth is, people will be talking about Starfield for years, even after launch. This is just the beginning and expect Bethesda to reveal a lot more about the game in the months to come.

Watch the Starfield gameplay reveal:

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