The problem with GB News is that it just isn’t that good.

On Monday night’s “Woke Watch” show on Britain’s latest broadcaster, GB News, presenter Colin Brazier explained how a primary school temporarily deleted its Twitter account after negative responses to a video it made for cheer on the English football team.

“They weren’t thugs. . . but exuberant kids enjoying a lesson in music video production, ”Brazier sighed. “It is a reminder to those who hold positions of authority in public life. . . that they shouldn’t be intimidated by a small handful of guys in the face in. A few angry tweets don’t make a Twitterstorm.

Considering there were only a few tweets, it seemed like an odd story to use for this segment in which the presenters highlight allegedly blatant examples of moral policing and overzealous social activism. Stranger still, GB News then contradicted Brazier, promote his rant by describing a “Twitterstorm” in reaction to the school video.

Like much of the content I saw on GB News, it seemed like the channel featured a Strawman. There was no storm on Twitter, no crowds on social media, and no one tried to “cancel” school. As I felt my eyes roll back to the back of my head, I realized: GB News is so boring, so uneducated, so whiny and frankly so mediocre, it actually makes me more sympathetic to the cause of those that they consider “awake”.

For a channel so dedicated to fighting “Awakened Warriors”, I’m not sure my reaction is exactly what GB News is hoping for. They might be particularly disappointed to learn that I’m someone who has myself been accused of being ‘anti-alarm clock’ (a categorization I don’t like because I don’t like the framing of the whole debate) because of my criticism of what I see as censorship, an insincere, inconsistent and damaging mark of social justice activism that is now sweeping through many Western institutions.

And it seems it’s not just me who finds this channel of permaculture wars exhausting. A contact, who voted for both Brexit and Boris Johnson, told me, “I was hoping for ‘Spectator TV’,” referring to the Tory magazine, “but instead. . . it’s just tedious, boring and obvious ”, adding that his production values“ make the BBC look like the Royal Opera House ”. Another, who voted in the same way, called it “out of control”.

After starting off strong, the channel’s audiences plummeted. It drew a total of 1.8 million viewers in the most recent week, according to data from the Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board, up from 2.6 million the previous week and up from 7.3 million for BBC News and 4 , 9 million for Sky News. Its prime-time numbers are said to be five times lower than the Welsh version of the children’s cartoon Paw Patrol.

But despite what many on the left might claim – like the Stop Funding Hate campaign group, which convinced a handful of virtue-flagging companies to pull ads off the channel – the problem with GB News isn’t, for as far as I can see, that it’s full of hate. While he may be trying to emulate Fox News, UK broadcasting laws require news channels to be impartial, and his featured roster seems to me to be more diverse in terms of ethnicity, gender and class. social than its competitors. It also features commentators from across the political spectrum in almost all of its roundtables.

The problem with GB News is that it just isn’t that good. Endless technical problems with dim lighting, echo sound and a lack of chemistry on screen between the presenters, the channel has none of the brilliance that makes Fox so convincing, and not enough gravity to make up for it.

His approach to culture war issues is overly simplistic and demeaned, making them seem insignificant, while his constant urge to find new outrage dilutes the impact some of his stories might otherwise have. “Surely it’s Hollywood that says the genre can’t exist?” Dan Wootton said when discussing Disney World removing “boys and girls” from its greeting to be more inclusive. I felt my eyeballs go.

I wrote last year that people shouldn’t worry that GB News is reshaping the British political and media landscape like Fox News did in the United States, because there isn’t the same media vacuum. right in Britain. What I didn’t think was that GB News might inadvertently help the cause it keeps complaining about.

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This article has been edited to clarify a statement about the political position of GB News commentators

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