The US Air Force asks the internet to help name its new cybersecurity mascot

Cyber ​​security. It is something important. There’s a lot of critical data out there that you don’t want bad actors to spy.

That’s why the Air Force apparently needs a cybersecurity mascot. A robot wearing a shield and a helmet adorned with a lightning bolt, here to wonder if you’ve tried turning your computer off and on again and probably fixing the myriad technical issues that come with the territory when using decades-old software.

He is powerful, strong and here to fight our cyber problems“, explains the Air Force.

He’s just “he” for now, and like any good mascot, he needs a catchy name. And it’s up to the proud men and women of the Air Force to find one.

“We will incorporate this character into Department of the Air Force marketing materials, campaigns, and cyber-awareness announcements to help support brand awareness,” reads the Air Force Information Security Officer websitealong with instructions on how to email your name suggestions.

Will it become another”Boaty McBoatface“situation? Surely not.

After all, the Air Force is supposed to be the “smart” branch. The Marines just trip bullets at Camp Lejeune, but the Airmen do it while keeping nukes. When the Navy draws a “heavenly penis”, the pilots lament that the bullets are “going to be a bit unbalanced”. The Air Force does the same with some of the most expensive jets to fly. And who wouldn’t want to use a C-130 Hercules for a brief trip to Martha’s Vineyard to pick up their motorcycle?

Once named, this robot, let it be called “CyberMccyberface” or any other proposed nickname, could have a lot on his cyber plate. Especially when it’s going to work in computers that have trouble turning on.

So airmen, don’t let us down. Find a name for this new keyboard warrior! You can find the email to submit your suggestions and more information about the mascot here.

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