This morning’s awkward ‘Spin to Win’ moment as caller asks presenters to call him back

This Morning viewers were shocked when someone asked the show’s presenters to call him back after winning their daily game of “ Spin to Win ” – but he was able to explain why he had to interrupt the conversation.

Players have to say their daily password when answering the phone instead of saying hello and have the chance to win a whopping £ 3,000.

However, today’s installment of the game left presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby in hysteria after Joe answered the phone saying “ yabba dabba doo, ” but then asked them to call him back in. two minutes and hung up.

Shocked Phil said “we can’t, we’re live” before Holly asked if it was a joke, but was stunned when she realized he had left the line.

Wanting to give her the opportunity to play and earn some money, they went to Josie Gibson, who said she found the whole ordeal fun, saying, “I can’t believe it.”

Joe asked Holly and Phil to call him back

When they got back to Phil and Holly, they said now the cameras were out of position as they usually moved them when they looked to compete, but since they reminded Joe they couldn’t move.

Phil said, “Joe, we called you back after two minutes, we’re just complacent, we did it for you Joe, what was that?”

Very sorry Joe said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I was dealing with my wife, she’s not very well, she has motor neuron disease.

“I apologize to you and the country, I’m sorry.”

Understanding the situation, Phil said, “It’s the best excuse in the world, absolutely.”

They asked if his wife was okay now, Joe saying that a nurse had come to help them both.

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In the end, Joe took home £ 1,000 and thanked the presenters.

He then left a message greeting his wife Susan, who is a huge This Morning fan.

People on Twitter fell in love with Joe and wanted him to win the big £ 3,000 cash prize for asking them to call him back.

One person said: “Joe omg #This morning it’s hilarious.”

Lorraine added: “They are hilarious and well done for accepting it.”

Another said: “Joe deserves it just for saying call me back in 2 minutes – give him the top prize!”

Bradley added: “Oh sweetheart I love Joe please win big.”

Jodi said, “We forgive you Joe, bless him by apologizing to the country. I’m glad Phil and Holly waited for him.”

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