TV host James Mathison says Channel 9 ‘glorified’ and ‘glamourised’ alcohol in Ash Barty Australian Open interview

The TV presenter has expressed his frustration with the broadcaster after Australian Open 2022 champion Ash Barty spilled a cold beer during a live interview.

A TV host has called out the Nine Network for its ‘glorification and glamourisation’ of alcohol after Australian Open champion Ash Barty took a sip of beer on live TV.

The world No. 1 beat American powerhouse Danielle Collins, 6-3, 7-6(2) in the final on Sunday with a jaw-dropping comeback after trailing 1-5 in the second set.

As part of the media rounds, Barty appeared on Nine for a chat, where she spoke about the overwhelming emotion of being the first Australian to win on home soil in 44 years.

But just before she was set to leave for further media engagements, host James Bracey treated the Aussie and his co-hosts, Casey Dellacqua and Alicia Molik, to a variety of beers in a ice bucket on the table.

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Barty was initially hesitant but agreed to join in the celebrations alongside the hosts taking a sip and taking the booze with her.

But former Australian Idol presenter James Mathison had a problem with the act and described Australia’s relationship with alcohol as “bizarre”.

“Our glorification and glamorization of alcohol in this country is normalized to the point where we can’t even celebrate success without alcohol on live TV,” he said in a tweet.

“That’s weird. Imagine if this was in Canada and the broadcaster hoisted a joint on their new champion?”

He went further to clarify that it was not an attack on Barty, whom he considered an “incredible role model”, but on Nine for unnecessarily introducing alcohol into the moment watched by people. million Australians across the country.

“It’s about our lionization of alcohol and how it seeps into everything,” he said in other tweets.

“The Cincinnati Bengals celebrated the win yesterday with cigars. Did the interviewer light one for them on the sign? Would we be okay with that? It’s legal, adults can consume cigars. cigars responsibly, what’s the problem?

“It starts early. At 21, when you have to ‘show off a meter’ for ‘why aren’t you crazy’ every time you refuse.

“Yes, adults, drink responsibly. I have plenty of time. But we can also have a conversation about the pervasive role in society.”

Mathison had a mix of responses among 200 comments on her post.

One user agreed with his sentiment on the matter saying it was “not good” as many athletes are idols for young children who aspire to be like them one day.

“Normalizing alcohol, associating it with a winner imprints in kids’ minds that it’s OK,” they said.

“So when you win at anything, get drunk, when you don’t win, get drunk.”

Another described him as “very unpleasant” and “bad model for teenagers hoping to do well in sports”.

However, the majority of social media users who commented saw no problem in having a celebratory drink after a historic moment.

“After a tough two weeks, if we can’t relax with a beer, then something is wrong. As long as no one is forced into it, it’s fine in moderation,” one person said.

Mathison agrees that was a “good point” but he was more “interested” in the idea of ​​why alcohol “is so ingrained in every celebration to the point where its absence is the outlier”.

Another disagreed with the 44-year-old who said it was just a ‘celebration’ and would not promote underage drinking.

One person told the presenter that he should focus more on Barty’s success rather than his drink with friends.

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