UK broadband warning! Check your bill now or face a surprise price hike

If it’s been a while since you’ve checked your broadband bill, it’s a good idea to make sure you haven’t been hit by an unwanted price hike. When most people sign up for internet access, they are often tempted by providers such as BT, Virgin and Sky, who offer discount deals that make web access much more affordable.

However, when these bargains end, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) will then charge a standard rate which can be much more expensive. Anyone who doesn’t notice the change will be hit with these inflated fees until they sign a new agreement or switch to another provider.

To highlight exactly how much you might end up paying, let’s take a look at my bill that just got hit by a hike. When I signed up with my ISP in March 2021, I managed to secure a deal that delivered fast 200Mbps broadband to my living room for £45.75 a month.

This 18 month contract has just ended and despite having the same 200mbps service my bill has gone up by £15 to £60.75 per month – that’s an increase of £180 per year.

ISPs should now notify you that your offer is ending via email or letter, but it can be easy to miss or simply ignore these notifications. It’s a good idea to check when your offer is up, as it gives you time to shop around and change before the upside hits your monthly bill.

There are some great deals available right now and not renegotiating your contract or moving on to someone new is clearly going to be costly.

For example, Virgin Media currently offers 108Mbps broadband for just £26 a month, but once the contract ends the price jumps to £51. BT’s Fiber Essentials plan now costs just £24.99, but that cost drops to £29.99 once the deal is complete.

Sky users will also find things jump up with the company’s base speeds currently at just £25 but rising to £30 at the end of the contract.

If your offer is over and you are now paying more, call your ISP and see what they have to offer, because you might find an offer that lowers the price again.

If they don’t budge, take a look at what’s available on your street, as you might find a rival ISP offering better speeds at cheaper prices. For example, BT is currently offering its lowest ever price for standard broadband and Sky has launched a price freeze, meaning the cost of the contract will not increase when the usual increases begin next year.

Remember that many smaller companies are slowly launching superfast broadband with some, such as Comunity Fibre, Toob, CityFibre and Hyperoptic, offering 1Gbps downloads for less than £35 a month.

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