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State Funeral Service for Uncle Jack Charles

The Government of Victoria has announced a state funeral service for the deceased Uncle Jack Charlesreports Television tonight.

It will be held at Hamer Hall at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, October 18, 2022.

Uncle Jack died earlier this month, with a long list of screen credits including Cleverman, Who Do You Think You Are?, Yokayi Footy, Preppers, Outback Back, Dark Comedy, Rosehaven, Grace Beside Me, Fancy Boy, Rake, Wolf Creek, Gods of Wheat Street, Trouble, Woodley , We can be Heroes, Women of the Sun, Rush, Ben Hall and Blackfellas movies, Mystery Road, Panand The song of Jimmy Blacksmith.

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Netflix settles copyright lawsuit over ‘The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical’

Netflix is ​​no longer pursuing copyright lawsuits against the creators of Bridgerton’s Unofficial Musicalreports The Hollywood Reporter Winston Cho.

Emily Bear and Abigail Barlow, the musical’s creators, and the streamer have reached an agreement to resolve the lawsuit after the duo canceled a Sept. 20 performance of the musical at London’s Royal Albert Hall, according to a court notice filed Friday. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

In July, Netflix sued for copyright infringement over a for-profit broadcast at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. He claimed that Bear and Barlow went ahead with the performance despite repeated warnings that it was unauthorized, calling their work a “gross violation of intellectual property rights” as part of an effort “to build a brand for themselves.” international”.

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TikTok could face a £27m fine for failing to protect children’s privacy

TikTok faces a £27million fine for failing to protect children’s privacy, the UK’s data watchdog says, reports The gardians Marc Sweney.

An investigation by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) found that the video-sharing app may have breached data protection law between May 2018 and July 2020.

The ICO has issued TikTok with a “notice of intent”, a precursor to the imposition of a potential fine, which could be as high as £27million.

If TikTok were to be fined that amount, it would be the largest in ICO history, surpassing the record £20m handed to British Airways two years ago after an incident in 2018 that saw the personal data of more than 400,000 customers compromised by hackers.

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Uluru Declaration Leaders Launch TV Commercial First

Creating a referendum education campaign in which First Nations leaders and communities urge Australians to support a First Nations voice in parliament is not a typical ad agency brief, News Corp reports. Pippa’s Rooms.

Four years of preparation and a rigorous and respectful learning process later, and The Uluru Statement from the Heart’s History is Calling ad campaign was born.

As Monday marks the launch of the TV ad component, the visually bold and bright creative was first rolled out in print, radio and out-of-home advertising across all states beginning in May this year.

Teacher Megan DavisCobble Cobble Woman, Balnaves Chair in Constitutional Law and co-chair of the Uluru Dialogue, said The growth program that the lengthy campaign process was a major learning curve at all levels.

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Ofcom investigates Sky News UK over confusion over Chris Kaba protests

Sky News UK is being investigated by the media regulator after it wrongly suggested that a protest march against the police shooting of chris kaba was a crowd of mourners Queen Elizabeth IIreports The gardians Jim Waterson.

Thousands of people protested in central London on September 10, five days after a Met firearms officer shot Kaba, 24, who was unarmed, after a chase in the south of London. Among the protesters were Labor MPs Diane Abbott and Bell Ribeiro-Addy and the musician Storm.

Sky News was broadcasting footage from its helicopter of royal mourners in central London when the camera zoomed in on the protest march approaching Trafalgar Square. Despite some members of the group carrying Black Lives Matter banners, the Sky News presenter Sarah Jane Mee mistook them for royal well-wishers heading to Buckingham Palace.

Speaking of the footage, she said: “Look at that, look at the crowd of people coming down…they’re going up the mall, and what a walk there is.”

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Angela Bishop, from Bold & Beautiful to Breaking News

The life of an entertainment editor is rarely boring but not even Angela Bishop could have predicted last month, having gone from red carpets to an appearance on Bold & the Beautiful to live reporting from the Queen Elizabeth II Funerals, reports Television tonight.

The 10 reporter was in the US covering the MTV Music Video Awards when she visited the Bold and beautiful studio.

Bishop is a longtime friend of the show, covering it for three decades after Robert Mitchumthe granddaughter of, Carrie Mitchumand John Waynethe grandson of, ethan wayneflew out for a launch party at a boutique in Double Bay.

Legendary producer and co-creator Bradley Bell even created a character for her, “JJ”, with cameos filmed in 2017 and 2018.

“I did a report on Love glory and beauty very shortly after its launch in Australia and I knew Katherine Kelly Langand John McCook for this duration. So I think they treat me like family, which is really sweet. I hadn’t seen them all for that since COVID. I did zoom interviews and stuff, so when they said, ‘We’d love to have JJ,’ I was just thrilled.”

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