Vimal Maggi: Indore man mixes pan masala with noodles in outrageous combination

The man from Indore mixes Vimal pan masala with Maggi | Photo courtesy: Instagram/ r_bam_tv7 and Twitter

Photo: Twitter


  • After the fruit chai and the ‘Mango Maggi’ accompanied by a slice, here is Vimal Maggi.
  • An Indore man has mixed India’s favorite pan masala with his favorite instant noodles.
  • The viral video has racked up 3 million views.

Vimal Maggi

How far would you go to set yourself apart from the competition? Turns out the sky is the limit when it comes to some really weird food combinations. A man named Rohit Chouhan from Indore mixed Vimal pan masala with Maggi, India’s favorite instant noodles and the internet has none of it.
In a viral video that has garnered 3 million views thanks to an outrageous recipe that might as well have given people cancer, the man sitting on a parked motorbike can be seen emptying a sachet of our chewing tobacco well -loved, Vimal, in a bowl of Maggi Noodles.

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We would have liked to invent that. It’s hard to tell from the experiencer’s face whether the masala worked its magic, but Rohit gnawed like he once did.

Sharing the clip on Instagram, the content creator wrote “Dane dane me kesar ka dam” the famous tagline that accompanied Vimal products before the company removed “kesar” from it.

The histrionic food-combining gimmick managed to do what it intended – trigger people.

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“Be you at khaa bhi gaya. Mujhe laga sirf dikhaa raha hai,” one incredulous user commented, saying the man should consider adding poop to the mix.

Another Instagrammer, who was clearly upset with celebrity endorsements of gutka encouraging its use, wrote, “Bhai Ajay Devgan ko khila Akhsay Kumar ko khila Ranveer Singh ko khila Sahrukh Khan ko khila Amitabh Bachchan ko khila.”

Many others pointed out how “dangerous”, some in their own style. “Dane dane mein cancer ka dum,” one person described the bizarre food combination, tweaking the tagline with a clever pun.

For all its innovation, the Indori may not be the first to bring together the best of both worlds.

Here’s an older video of the same madness, complete with the parody song.

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