Virgin Media O2 UK extends FTTP broadband south of Edinburgh

British ISP Virgin Media (VMO2) has been spotted expanding its gigabit-enabled Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) broadband network to a number of new towns and villages south of Edinburgh in Scotland, which appears to be happening. unfold at the same time as they upgrade some existing areas to XGS-PON technology.

The operator is in progress Project Lightning the rollout has already covered a total of 15.86 million UK households, and their current target is to reach 16 million by the end of 2022. Some 14.3 million of this is through their former Hybrid coaxial fiber (HFC), while the rest use full fiber (FTTP) via Radiofrequency on glass technology (RFoG).

REMARK: Virgin is also upgrading existing HFC zones to FTTP (XGS-PON) by 2028 (Mustang Project), while their parents have separately created a new joint venture (JV) to reach 5 million more households by 2026 (here) – that could go up to 7 million.

However, it’s not often that we see VMO2 expanding – on a massive scale – north of the border, but it has been spotted in a number of locations just south of their existing coverage around from the Scottish capital of Edinburgh (credits to Daniel). In particular, they appear to be starting major construction on all or parts of Bilston, Roslin, Rosewell, Auchendinny, Penicuik and Eskbank.

The rollout is a logical extension, as it is at the edge of their existing network and appears to be happening at the same time as they are busy upgrading some nearby areas to XGS-PON technology. We asked VMO2 for a comment on all of this, but they simply confirmed that the release existed and provided no further information (VMO2 is notoriously suspicious of its rollout plans – more so than most vendors).

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