Virgin Media O2 UK update improves TV 360 user interface

Broadband ISP Virgin Media (VMO2) has over the past two weeks begun releasing a new firmware update (v4.41) for its Virgin TV 360 (platform) service, which introduces a number of number of cosmetics”improvements” to the user interface (UI) based on the Horizon software as well as some functional changes.

The new update, which in some ways appears to bring Virgin’s Horizon UI closer to that of Sky’s rival platform, is currently still rolling out to customers as part of a phased rollout (we think it may take them a few more weeks to finish it).

Key changes include a new home screen, catch-up screen improvements to make content more accessible, and “improved” on-demand subtitles (i.e. they made the text bigger and therefore more readable). Additionally, it is now possible to seamlessly record movies interrupted by other programs, such as news, which can sometimes appear in the middle (previously this would have split movies into two programs).

Understandably, cosmetic changes tend to divide opinion, and we’d personally prefer the ability to change the size of subtitle text as the new approach is significantly more readable, but at the cost of obscuring too much content behind it. But others may well disagree.

Screenshot Virgin TV 360 v4.41

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