WATCH LIVE: Health officials to provide update on Victoria COVID-19 cases

Victoria will begin rolling out the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine starting next week as state-run clinics prepare to receive 32,000 initial doses.

Victoria will begin rolling out the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine from next week as the state nears a double-dose threshold of 70%, Victoria Minister of Health Martin Foley has confirmed.

The state will receive 32,000 initial doses of Moderna to be delivered through state vaccination sites in an effort to maintain the “overwhelming enthusiasm” seen in pop-up clinics across Victoria.

“We welcome the addition of this vaccine to the toolkit of state immunization centers as another opportunity to continually scale up our immunization efforts,” said Mr. Foley.

Victoria recorded its second-highest number of daily cases with 733 COVID-19 infections and another death within 24 hours at midnight, the Department of Health said on Friday.

The results come from more than 56,000 tests and bring the number of active cases in the state to 7,160.

Victoria consecutively broke her own record throughout the week, reporting 567 cases on Monday, 603 on Tuesday, 628 on Wednesday and 766 on Thursday, before Friday’s slight drop.

The health minister said that in the past 24 hours, 41,029 vaccines had been delivered through state centers and a total of 96,000 doses to all vaccination sites.

To date, 76.2% of Victorians have received their first vaccine while 46.2% are fully immunized.

The state is expected to hit 80% of the first dose this week.

Mr Foley also revealed that 84% of the new infections reported on Friday were under the age of 50.

One of the infections recorded in Friday’s figures is a protester who attended one of three protests in Melbourne this week, the department confirmed.

“Public health investigations are underway,” a spokesperson said.

“We urge protesters to get tested if they have COVID-like symptoms, even if they are mild.”

Polled by reporters to see if Health had more information on this positive case, Mr Foley said “we know protesting COVID-19 doesn’t work. Vaccines work against COVID-19.”

“To pretend that something doesn’t exist and then for that same thing put yourself in the hospital is a loud and clear message that protesting against COVID-19 is futile,” he added.

“Getting the COVID-19 vaccine is the only thing we encourage people to do rather than protest. ”

“Enjoy your refined cheese platters”

Health Director Professor Brett Sutton also warned the Victorians to take advantage of the ‘spirit’ of the 2021 AFL Grand Final on Saturday, but to make sure they do so at home and obey. to public health orders.

“Everyone in Victoria deserves to enjoy the day and I hope everyone will. But there is a curfew in place in much of Victoria, we don’t want to see crowds at the Whitten Oval or the Gosch Paddock after the game or on Sunday, either to celebrate or to commiserate ”, a- he declared.

“It’s these close contacts that put you, your friends and your household at risk.

“Enjoy your fine cheese platters, or however you want to enjoy them at home. Put on the barbecue but put your iPad in place, have your phones on facetime.

“Cry, shout, laugh and joke on the internet to connect with friends and family and fully enjoy the spirit of the day, but remember… transmissions occurring in households, between households.

“I want people to enjoy the weekend, but be aware of that risk and don’t be the person who will put your household, your friends and the households of your family at risk.”

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