Watch out SkyQ! Rival launches a new set-top box with a big advantage

There’s no doubt that Sky Q still rules the roost when it comes to TV viewing with this smart set-top box allowing customers to watch shows in stunning 4K, find content via voice search and record content. many programs at the same time. Sky have won all the awards, but they could soon have some serious competition from a brand new rival.

The British Internet Service Provider (ISP) ZYBRE has just announced the upcoming release of a new gadget called One Box.

This mini device comes with all the usual TV features such as access to services such as Disney+, Netflix and Prime Video, but it’s also possible to turn it into a dedicated console. All thanks to ZYBRE’s gaming platform which offers over 200 games, including popular titles such as World of Tanks and Mortal Combat 3.

Users can also link their Steam account to the ZYBRE platform to play games they already own.

According to the Broadband-centric website team Overview ISthe new One Box will be fully compatible with game controllers and will have expandable storage up to 1TB.

To help make online gaming silky smooth, the One Box includes faster Wi-Fi 6 technology that’s capable of handling internet speeds in excess of 9Gbps ​​- that’s more than twice as fast as the old one. Wi-Fi 5 technology.

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There is also support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) video quality which enhances the visuals and users will also hear pleasing audio with Dolby Atmos support. ZYBRE says the One Box will be available soon although there is currently no official release date or price.

Haven’t heard of ZYBRE? You will not be alone because the ISP is a newcomer to the national market. The company launched its services across the UK in September 2021 via BT’s Openreach network and hopes its gaming service can offer something its rivals can’t match.

Currently, ZYBRE offers two plans that include Fast and Ultrafast options. Fast costs £31.99 and offers speeds of up to 80Mbps. Those who sign up for the £44.99 per month Ultrafast plan will enjoy mind-blowing 1Gbps downloads.

Speaking at the launch, ZYBRE CEO Jonny Robinson said, “We’re really excited to launch nationwide, we’ve had our first customers online in the last few weeks.

“Being able to offer full fiber in as many places as possible is key to our own growth, and our current relationships allow us to invest in providing customers with access to full entertainment rather than laying cables. .”

“We are always looking to add more partnerships to enhance our broad reach in the UK and give more customers access to ZYBRE.”

Expect more news on the new One Box in the coming months.

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