what happened and who was to blame?


Lewis Hamilton on team radio:

“I was in the front going in there, man. Right next to it was my line. It turned on me, man. It was a big hit on the left front, so do a big check. Is Max okay? “

Hamilton after winning the race:

“I always try to be measured in my approach, especially with the fights with Max, he is very aggressive. Then, today, I was fully by his side and he left me no space.

“But whether or not I was okay with the penalty, I took it on the chin and kept working. I was like, ‘I won’t let anything get in the way of the weekend crowd fun, the National Anthem and British Flag “.

Max Verstappen’s reaction on Twitter:

“I’m glad I’m fine. Very disappointed to have been pulled like this. The penalty imposed does not help us and does not do justice to the dangerous move Lewis made on track. Watching the celebrations as he is still in the hospital is disrespectful and unsportsmanlike behavior but we are moving forward. “

Red Bull Team Director Christian Horner to Race Director Michael Masi:

“Michael, look, this corner, it’s never been near.” Every rider who’s been on this circuit knows you don’t stick a wheel inside at Copse.

“It’s a huge accident and it was 100% on Max’s side, so as far as I’m concerned, all the blame is on Hamilton, who should never have been in that position.

“You could have had a massive accident, thank goodness he got away with it. I hope you will take care of it appropriately.

Horner on Channel 4 when asked if the opportunity had come to Hamilton:

“I think so, it was a desperate move. He failed to make the move in the first part of the lap, which he was obviously there to do.

“It’s one of the fastest corners in the world, you don’t stick a wheel in it, it’s just dirty driving.”

Horner at Sky Sports F1 after the race:

“It shouldn’t be like that to be honest with you. Max had a 51G crash, Lewis Hamilton is a world champion and he shouldn’t be doing maneuvers like that. It’s unacceptable. He put on a pilot. .. Thank goodness the biggest result for us today is that he was not injured. He has to go to the hospital for precautionary checks after a 51G accident so I hope Lewis is very happy with it. him.

“For me, this is an empty victory.”

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