Wilco responds to fan calls for Sky Blue Sky Fest refunds

In May 2021, that brief and glorious moment when it looked like the pandemic was for real, Wilco announced the return of Sky Blue Sky, their destination festival to Cancun. The festival will take place next week at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya, and it will also feature artists like Spoon, Kurt Vile, Thundercat and Stephen Malkmus. But the reality of going to a music festival in Mexico next week isn’t exactly what most of us imagined when Sky Blue Sky was first announced. Right now, a number of fans are asking Wilco for the option of getting tickets refunded – the cheapest Sky Blue Sky packages cost $ 1,699 – and the band say they are powerless to stop the festival or to offer refunds.

Like Rolling stone reports, a number of upcoming destination festivals are facing the same questions. Dead & Company recently canceled their own Cancun festival, Playing In The Sand. Meanwhile, Sky Blue cast members Sky Waxahatchee, Mountain Man, and Julian Lage have left the series, with Soccer Mommy and Ohmme replacing them.

Wilco fans have started an online petition for a refund option, and a few of them have spoken to Rolling stone not being able to make the trip to Mexico due to the possibility of having to quarantine in Mexico if you test positive. People are also asking Hootie & The Blowfish, Luke Bryan, Dave Matthews, and the Avett Brothers for ticket refunds. These refunds are unlikely to take place.

In a statement to Pitchfork, a representative for Wilco said the group could not offer a refund because the festival is not theirs. Instead, those decisions belong to Cloud 9, the company that promotes the event, as well as a bunch of these other Cancun festivals:

As for the Sky Blue Sky Festival, Wilco was independently commissioned to perform at this event and to have his name used to promote ticket sales, much like most other live appearances. of the group. The festival promoter, Cloud 9, is solely responsible for and determines all ticketing policies, including pricing and availability of refunds or credits.

On his Instagram Live show The Tweedy Show, Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy also answered calls for reimbursement last week:

I 100% understand all the anxiety, anger and confusion that has surrounded the Sky Blue Sky Festival. Wilco, we are in a similar boat to everyone else – not the same boat obviously, but a similar boat in the sense that we are trying to understand it. We are a contracted entity for this event …

We hope there is a situation that becomes clear and resolves in a way that makes everyone happy. I find this to be an unlikely outcome at this point. I don’t think there is anyone who is intentionally trying to fuck someone. I think there are a lot of rocks and a lot of hard places to go into on this particular topic.

Cloud 9 employees, meanwhile, have made it clear that they will not offer refunds. According to Rolling stone, Cloud 9 emails fans on New Years Day, explaining that “economic realities prevent us from offering full refunds.” In a statement to Pitchfork, Cloud 9 was even more blunt:

When it comes to travel inside and outside Mexico, the CDC put the testing requirement in place in January 2021, before the event is announced or goes on sale. It has been a known factor to return to the United States from anywhere in the world for a year now.

Just as event planners are required to make non-refundable commitments to the resort approximately one year in advance, fans who make a reservation to attend the event also acknowledge that their travel is non-refundable. This is specified at the time of booking.

It’s always a good idea to add travel insurance when booking a trip this far, especially during the winter months when travel delays, weather, and illness can disrupt plans. Travel insurance is recommended from on sale and there are policies that can still be purchased until the event. Free extended stays are also offered by the resort and its third-party medical provider for any positive cases that may arise in Mexico until return travel is cleared.

As a fan service, Cloud 9 has extended and waived all last minute room transfer fees for anyone who has changed their mind or unable to attend, until the day of check-in. A refund or the possibility of retaining one’e place for a postponed date, will be available to buyers if the event were to be postponed. The event is progressing as planned.

Cloud 9 did not include the phrase “sucks to be you” in its statement. This part was just implied.

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