Your Sky Q Box Might Look Out Of Date Tomorrow As Sky Reveals A New Way Of Watching TV

Sky customers could be treated to a delicious TV treat tomorrow as the satellite broadcaster prepares to launch something “magical”. The company is hosting a major launch event in London, with rumors suggesting that a brand new set-top box will be unveiled to the world and that it will not look like anything we’ve seen before.

In preparation for this event, Sky has revealed numerous teasers, with the first invitation to the glitzy event saying, “Hello, it’s almost time. The magic is about to be revealed.” Shortly after, the company posted a short clip to YouTube that continues the magical theme with a quote from Arthur C. Clarke that says, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

What could make this new device really exciting is that this may be the first time Sky customers will be able to watch shows on demand, pause live TV, record their favorite channels without having to need a satellite dish drilled into their wall.

This is great news for anyone who lives in rented accommodation or for those who just don’t want a huge flat to ruin the look of the property.

This concept without a dish is not really new. Sky promised in 2017 that it was working on a way to bring its TV service to customers through a broadband connection. And now it looks like that upgrade could finally become a reality with a new device, dubbed the Sky Q IP Box, which is expected to be revealed tomorrow.

Called Sky Glass, this smart TV will have a built-in Sky system, which means you won’t need a separate box to tune in to your favorite channels.

We’ll have to wait and see exactly what Sky has in store for us, but if you want to know more, you only have a few hours to wait. will be attending the Sky event and bringing you all the news live – watch this space!

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